Stina Ericsson - CV

Curriculum Vitae


Long story short !

My name is Anna Maria Christina (Stina) Ericsson and I was born in Sweden, however i lived and worked in Helsinki. Today i live on the Kimito Island in the southern part of Finland.

I am one of Per-Olof Nyström’s two daughters, a.k.a PON. He passed away in the 1986.

Been working at Mainos Taucher Advertising Agency from 1978 and then later on at Oy Interplan Ab in Helsinki.

Then freelanced until 1987 when Graf Studio Stina Ericsson was founded. The company was founded together with my father to continue the cooperaration with his old customers. Graf Studio Stina Ericsson is not more in any more in activ a state.

I do not use computers or similar in my work or artwork – therefore all my work is done by hand. In addition to my graphics, I’ve done all kinds of oil paintings in vivid colors but mostly with inspiration from out achipelago.

I received a grant from “Konstsamfundet” in 1992. The Grafia Association awarded me with a grant in 1995.

Today I paint with vivid colours – Inspired by the outer archipelago and maritime objects.

All the frames and artworks are made of wood, painted with bright watercolors and re-recyclabe materials. 

I build small, about 30 – 50 cm high, wooden statues from leftover frame material, inspired by boats, houses, fishing equipment, seamarks, yachts and international signal flags.

I also paint table cloths inspired by nature and the Finnish archipelago.

I hope that all these colorful and somewhat crazy paintings and sculptures will brighten up the minds and lives of the viewers.

My daily work i do for Hufvustadsbladet in Helsinki, drawing images for the “Dagboken” part in the news papper. This job is an herritage from my father. 

Thanks for visiting my site, and reading this short CW and welcome back.

Stina Ericsson